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Walk into the wild and awaken the hero within.

A unique nature based, life coaching experience that trains the head, heart and hands of your child for the future.


What began as a way to break up the week, turned into a full hero's adventure - complete with samples from all the mandatory curriculum areas, practical skills, soft-skills, and life-shaping mindset principles - giving young adventurers an AMAZING start in life...


Learning CAN be fun!

Activities that light up the fun centres in our brain also super-charge the neural pathways that enable us to stay focused as we encounter new information. Linking learning to a new environment also helps students to embed knowledge into long term memory.

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Practical, hands-on learning.

Hiking, Survival, Cooking, Building, Water-safety, and how to safely enjoy all the wonders of nature.

The future belongs to those who can rapidly change, adapt and grow. What better way to learn than outside where 'life' is transforming everyday - right before our eyes!


Adventure Quest students don't miss out on anything - in fact they actually cover academic content far beyond their peers because the natural learning context requires deep understanding and practical application.

The program covers Australian Curriculum content from Maths, Science, English, History, Geography, Personal Development and Health syllabii.

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There is nothing more important than learning the principles of success. Values like courage, compassion, positivity, growth-mindset, vision, problem-solving, team-work and diligence are actively taught in the midst of real-life challenges. What is it worth to have a happy, thriving child in your home?

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Young Hero's Adventure Quest is the ONLY outdoor education program that blends:
  • elements from all core subjects in the Australian Curriculum*

  • PLUS outdoor fun, adventure and survival skills

  • PLUS life coaching and mindset training from qualified coaches

  • PLUS recognition of achievement through the Adventure Quest level program

  • all of which combine to create happy, motivated learners, excited about life and growing in confidence every week...


* Programs detailing syllabus outcomes and learning activities are available on request


WHERE: In the wilderness! 🌳 Currently we are launching our adventures in the Port Macquarie/Hastings region. The location is different every week but drop off is never more than 40 minutes drive from the nominated HQ.

WHEN: Every Friday from 9am to 3pm during school term.

WHO: The Adventure Quest program is designed for students aged 10-15 years

STAFF: Andrew is a qualified teacher and life-coach. Sofia and Roy all have significant experience working with young people and meet all the requirements for staff working with children.

COST: $770 per term

(There are discounts for families with multiple children enrolled. Payment plans available... Enquire now )


if you still have questions...


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