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Andrew Lord, Director, Coach & Consultant

Andrew is a passionate education reformer who has specialised in working 'outside the box'. He has developed a number of innovative programs proving that change IS possible.

WWCC - WWC0372526E

DOB - 22/11/1975


Sofia Lord, Youth Mentor, Group Facilitator

Sofia is a committed member of the Blueprint Team specialising in teen mentoring through song-writing and music, and personal/spiritual development through group facilitation.

WWCC - WWC1271204E

DOB - 10/04/1976

Andrew Lord - Low res-47.jpg

Roy Simmons, Youth Coach, Program Facilitator

Roy has transformed his own life through a growing awareness of mindset and positive lifestyle habits. He is passionate about helping young people overcome their struggles and be the best that they can be.

WWCC - WWC0937898E

DOB - 19/10/1963

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Dawn Bayly, Program Facilitator

Dawn is a bubbling bundle of energy and enthusiasm and has been on a rapid learning journey after leaving her role as a traditional classroom teacher. She uses her drama skills as a Mini Heroes Mentor and her own version of Project Space.

WWCC - WWC0891333E

DOB - 15/11/1974

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