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A new outdoor adventure based learning experience for 5-9 year olds that blends the Australian curriculum with stories, fun, games and life-shaping experiences.


Learning should be fun! Activities that light up the fun centres in our brain also super-charge the neural pathways that enable us to stay focused as we encounter new information.

Mini-Heroes is a play-based program - perfect for your child's current phase of development. The Adventure starts each week with a story - a scenario that the Mini Heroes then 'step into' and follow through to reach their goal.



In order to solve the mystery, uncover the treasure or discover the secret path - whatever the story requires that week, the Mini Heroes will have to learn and practice new skills. Contextualising learning in the way helps young people see the relevance of a skill and adapt it in new circumstances.


Mini Heroes students don't miss out on anything that school students or other homeschool students might being doing elsewhere - in fact they actually cover academic content far beyond their peers because the natural learning context requires deep understanding and practical application. The program covers Australian Curriculum content from Maths, Science, English, History, Geography, Personal Development and Health syllabii.



Even at this young age, there are important character qualities that we develop through challenge-based experiences. Qualities like grit, courage, determination, perseverance, respect for self and others - and of course that one thing that you wish you could give them, but they must earn for themselves...

Self-Esteem. Confidence.

THAT is the hidden treasure that Mini Hero Parents are truly seeking!

Mini Hero's is an exciting story-based adaptation of the Young Hero's Adventure Quest and blends:
  • elements from Maths, History, Science, Geography, English and PDHPE

  • PLUS story-based nature play. 

  • PLUS personal development skills such as teamwork, decision-making, problem solving, and more...

  • PLUS recognition of achievement through the Mini Hero's level program

  • all of which combine to create happy, motivated young minds, excited about life and growing in confidence every week...


* Programs detailing syllabus outcomes and learning activities are available on request


WHERE: In nature!

Mini Heroes runs in and around the Hastings region. The adventure location is different every week but drop off is never more than 30 minutes drive from the nominated HQ. Download the program for more details

We provide a location list on enrolment and we will notify you via email each week of the location - subject to weather, tides and other factors.

WHEN: Every Wednesday from 9am to 1pm, running for 8 weeks during the school term.

WHO: The Mini Hero's Adventure program is designed for students aged 5-9 years who enjoy learning outside, playing, exploring and going on adventures.

STAFF: Andrew is the program designer and co-ordinator of Mini-Heroes.

Dawn brings her own unique magic to the program and makes it come alive!

She is a qualified teacher and passionate about creating engaging learning experiences for children. We engage teen support workers, many who have graduated from the Young Hero's Adventure Quest program and all have significant experience working with young people. 

COST: $450 (+GST) per term*  (We accept Active Kids Vouchers)

(There are discounts for families with multiple children enrolled. Payment plans available... Enquire now )


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